The League Results Database

a history of running

About The League Results Database

This database contains a list of our Club Members runner’s results from all the League races dating back to 2007; as we go into the 2015 season there are over 3000 results  from over 300 runners,.

What can you do with the database?

Firstly, in the Our Races page,  you can look up any of the races and see who ran on a selected date and the order of finish. There are over a 100 different race courses  – and you can use drop down menu selectors to choose any of the races and then see the results from each day on which it was run.  

Then, in the My Races page, you can look up a full list of all your own results over the years. Again drop down menu selectors let you choose your name from the list of runners.

You then have a couple of options that let you filter your results for a specific course or for a distance and see which race was your personal best.

(Note: the distance option only applies to regular distances such as 5k, 10k, half marathon etc.)

If you do look at the distance option,  you can also enter your age on 31st March 2015, and the database will then display your age related performance ratio for each of your times.

The Performance Related Chart page gives you a graphical representation of how your performance has changed over time – you might be surprised at how little it changes.

Have a play, it’s for fun.

Click on the Excel icon to download the database