CA Aberystwyth AC - Club Badge Scheme

The Badge Scheme runs on a six month cycle starting 1st April each year.

You can take part in as many races as you like during the six month period but only three races are required to qualify.

1 Keep a record of your official times and dates of races.

2 Select your three best races times, each must be over a different distanc,e.g. 1mile, 5km,  10 miles, half marathon or marathon.

3 Select a badge zone, i.e. Diamond, Gold etc. for which each of your three race times satisfies the qualifying standard.

Zone times by age can be found in the downloadable PDF (Click on Icon)

Your level award is dependent solely on your own performance.

4. Enter the required details in the online form  at

You will be sent a confirmatory email, assuming everything is correct i.e. that your three times satisfy the qualifying standard for the zone selected.

5. Badges will be awarded at the Club's Annual end of year dinner.

6. Finally switch off computer and go for a run!

 Zone time tables used with kind permission of New Forest Runners