Thursday Night

Tempo Sessions

Seniors Only

 About Tempo Sessions - Seniors Only

Thursday Night tempo sessions will start from Plascrug Leisure Centre at 6:00pm.

Tempo runs are one of the three core training sessions and are  an important element in building speed and strength.  In general, they should be  run at  at a pace which is just a little slower than your 10K race pace -  so they can be  quite testing. Building tempo runs into your training will help you develop your anaerobic threshold  so that you can run faster races.

The full programme of sessions is listed below.   Each session begins with a 1 mile warm up and stretch. 

Thursday Tempo Programme.


The training at the Thursday Tempo sessions complements the work done at the Club's shorter and quicker paced efforts on a Tuesday night. In order to provide the most effective training to suit the varied abilities of all runners at the session a pre-planned training schedule isn't published, but the sessions typically have longer runs at a specified pace and often make the most of the geography in and around Aberystwyth.

The coach on the night will draw from a large pool of different training options such as the Edgehill Road Loop, the 8's (running for 4 x 8 minutes at a progressively quicker pace), Kenyan Fartlek for 30 mins, 5 mile Tempo Run or Three Hills of Aberystwyth run.

All of the sessions are designed and planned so that whether you are a new or an experienced runner you will not only improve your running but also enjoy the session.