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Aberystwyth Junior parkrun



 About parkrun

It is a 2k event for juniors only (4-14 year olds). If you are not a junior please try one of our weekly Saturday parkrun events instead.

You don't need to be a club member but you will need to register with parkrun and bring your barcode to each run.

The runs are timed so you can race or just run for fun!


The 2k Aberystwyth Junior parkrun will be held in Plascrug Avenue.

For more details visit the parkun Aberystwyth page.

 Every Sunday morning at 9:00am starting 3rd May 2015
 Register with parkrun

Registration is free. Click on the link to register with parkrun.

Enter your details, print off the barcode they allocate you and take it to each parkrun event.

 Link to parkrun registration