Our Training

At Aberystwyth AC we have a totally inclusive approach, so whether you are a Junior, Senior or Veteran, Novice or Seasoned runner, we have something for you. Our training supports the tried and tested approach of three core runs each week;  

  1. Efforts - warm up followed by short bursts of effort all aimed at developing technique and strength.
  2. Tempo - warm up followed by longer run at YOUR best pace to develop your cardio vascular system and lactate threshold.
  3. Long Slow Run - to build stamina and endurance.

Don't forget - you can always run more sessions if you want but recovery is an important part of training.   

A simple guide - remember that you have to train if you want to improve but, you are not a slave to your training. You are your own best teacher - listen to your body and if you're tired or have some injury, ease up or rest.

Our Coaches

Our coaches will work with you during training sessions to help you get the strength, speed and stamina you want so that you can do well in your races.

Our coaches will help you tailor programme to your capability and to identify a pace that you will be able to comfortably finish your target race.  These plans will be integrated with our weekly training sessions and will tell you what you need to do each day - but they are flexible so that you can build your running around your capability and goals.   If you think you can do more, ask a coach on how best to add more, if you're struggling ask the coach for advice.

You will also be able to draw on the experience of our seasoned runners, find out what has worked for them - and what hasn't.

Coached training sessions are spread across the week so that you can target those core sessions and  - with the help of the coaches - make sure they are tailored to your capabilities.


New Runner Introductory Programmes

For people new to running we will work with you in the early sessions to look at your capability and suggest the training that is best for you. All we ask at the beginning is that you are able to run for at least 15 minutes.

It is a good idea to have a goal, our coaches will encourage you to set a realistic goal for your training. We have two induction programmes;

  • Couch to 5k - a 10 week programme that will prepare you for a 5k race, time trial or parkrun.
  • Couch to 10k - a 10 week programme that will prepare you for your first 10k race.

Seasoned Runners

For seasoned runners our training will help to maintain and develop your ability, so that you can set and complete your own programme of races. Our training programmes include road, track and trail work, speed sessions and hill work in fact, everything you need to support your training goals.


Our Weekly Training Sessions

We have three coached training sessions each week;

  • Monday Night is Ladies Night. The focus is efforts, so this is the night to work on your technique and strength. Novices and Seasoned runners are coached in groups depending on ability so there's always someone for you to work with.
  • Tuesday Night is Seniors Night and is also focused on effort work. These cater for Men, Ladies who want to do more effort work and some Juniors who are strong enough to train at the Senior level. Again, runners are coached in groups according to ability.
  • Thursday night is Tempo night, this is the second of those three core runs. The tempo training sessions are not suitable for juniors. Following a warm and stretch, the sessions will typically focus on getting you to run a reasonably long distance (1-3 miles) at a defined speed e.g. 5k pace, 10k pace, marathon pace. Importantly though,  this is your defined speed so if you run a marathon in 7 minute miles then that's the pace you run at, if you run in 10 minute miles, then that's your pace. Again the runners are coached in groups according to ability and everyone gets together for the warm down session.

Long Slow Runs

We don't have training session for that 3rd core - the Long Slow Run. Most runners will do these at the weekend - but our Friday night social runs can fit the bill. Alternatively, if you're on one of our Novice programmes, our coaches will include a suitable run in your training programme - these will increase with distance as you get closer to your target race - but your ability to achieve the distances will also be increasing.